Multiple layers speed control


first, sorry for my poor English. 

I have a simple question. 
Can I change media speed on multiple layers in same time? 

I'm using Millumin as a show media player. 
I can't using timecode synchronizing for various reasons. 
so I control media speed manually by sending osc message with midi controller.
basically I rendered all led surface in one file (mov, prores 422)
but maybe next project. I need to control two media at once,

anyway. I tested by chateigne 
Send osc message with same midi key mapping like this

/millumin/layer:1/media/speed/ [1.5]
/millumin/layer:2/media/speed/ [1.5]

It seemed working. 
But when I release mapped key, It shows slightly different frame. (1 or 2 frames delay) 
Do you have any idea of control media speed on different layers without delay? 


  • Hello @HWANK1M,

    First of all, the OSC message should be "/millumin/index:1/media/speed", not "/millumin/layer:1/media/speed".
    I tested the following Chataigne configuration (see image below), and it's working correctly.

    Best. Philippe

    1916 x 942 - 640K
  • my case we need speed control over top and bottom layers, plus inner and outer
    shells(and a few others). As well, I’m not sure why they chose % of the
    default speed over just normal speed units. I’d like to see them switch
    it to actual units instead of the percentage.

    Maybe they can add an “Advanced speed” option that reveals all these extra speed controls.

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