Color selective

Hi all, sorry if i missed à past answer of my question un thé forum. I Try with millu 3 to make a sélective Color effect, is someone has an idea to realise it?


  • You have an effect called "color key" to do so : indeed, this effect will make a specific color (such as green) transparent.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks Philippe, but it's not what I'm looking for, I'm not very clear, and my English is awful. in fact I want to make an effect on a live camera, the objective is to obtain all in n&b except one color.

    thanks if someone has an idea to obtain the result
  • Hello @julesflodor,

    This is a more complex effect.
    The most efficient solution would be to code an ISF effect designed for this purpose. I attached such an effect (to install in "~/Library/Millumin/ISF-Effects"). More info on this tutorial.

    Another solution is to use a "matte layer" to select the color. I attached a project.

    Best. Philippe
    selective color.millumin
  • thanks a lot Philippe, you're the best!! 
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