Advanced output

Hi everyone,

It would be nice to have snapping point to the canvas when moving slices.

And also to be able to have anchor points X,Y starting from top-left.


  • Hello @Pap,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    We planned to redesign the "advanced layout", but I've no release date to give.

    If you don't feel comfortable with it, you could use 2 canvases in Millumin (one outputting via Syphon to the other) with classic mapping tools (slice-editor and corners mapping).
    Also, please note that in latest beta, you can set the origin of your workspace to top-left corner. See this post.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks Philippe,

    This would be awesome, redesign the advanced output.

    I'm feeling comfortable doing this the only problems is just long as i have to do 4 Outputs and all of them got few slices..
    It's fine for now but for future i think it would be great to have this window redesigned just to make things faster.
  • @Millumin

    Any update on this? Could really use pixel-precise positioning on the Advance Output side.

    Thanks! -JM

  • Hello @jmellars8,

    No, sorry. For now we are focused on Metal and Apple Silicon optimizations in current beta version.

    However, advanced output's redesign is next in our roadmap. But I cannot give you an ETA.

    If you want to set your outputs in "pixels", you can double-click an anchor to edit its values numerically.

    Best. Philippe

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