MIDI communication / Receive a MIDI message in Millumin

Hi everybody,

I try to receive the MIDI signal from a third-part software in Millumin. 
For instance: Scene 1 is Controller 11 and values 1 to 34.
I'd like to map the different columns without using a MIDI keyboard. 

Is that doable? Thanks a lot!


  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    If you're using Millumin V3, you can open the interaction panel and press the "+" button to add a specific MIDI interaction.
    However, Millumin's interactions are bsed on CC or notes, not of CC's value or note's value : for example, to need to use CC-11 to control column #1, CC-12 to control column #2, and so on.

    If you need a more advanced control, you could use Chataigne to do so. You can find an example of Chataigne usage in this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
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