Octopus/Stream Deck Pause command

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Has anyone figured out how to set up a Stream Deck button to pause all currently playing media in Millumin? I'm able to create a hot key to switch between Pause and Play in the interaction panel within Millumin assigned to the "p" key but can't figure out how to trigger it using Octopus. Tried a custom command of just the letter "p" but that didn't work. Anyone know?

UPDATE: If I don't use Octopus to manage the actions but establish all keystrokes in Millumin Interactions and Stream Deck, it works. Will have to see how that affects syncing 2 Macs, though.

UPDATE 2: I tried the custom command "/millumin/action/pauseAll,i1" based on the Millumin OSC API guide and how the Next Column and Previous Column commands are formatted in the Octopus Debug Pane. Still doesn't work. Seems like a bug because I can use other OSC commands in this format. And I DO have Millumin 3 so PauseAll should work.


  • Hello @lauriM,

    Please find attached a pus file that pauses all the layers in Millumin using OSC.
    The message used is "action/pauseAll" as shown in the API.

    Don't hesitate comment if you have further questions.


    Antoine M*
    pause All.pus.zip
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