Hi Millu,

I need to display from Millumin 2,  2 differents Panels from Glypheo at the same time.
When I'm cueing from Glypheo, the second panel is displayed in Millumin with a tiny delay compared to the first panel.

Is there a trick to display these 2 panels at the exact same time ?
Thanx !!


  • Hello @emericad,

    Are you using Syphon or NDI ?
    I guess Glypheo doesn't synchronize rendering of the different panels. Maybe a solution is to have only one panel with 2 tracks and split it in Millumin directly.

    Best. Philippe
  • That works very well like that !
    Thanx Philippe !!!

    (By the way I'm working with a 2013 13" Macbook. I just tried with a brand new Macbook and did not have any latency with 2 panels / 2 syphons)

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