Hi ! Another question with a little problem with Blackmagic converter and SDI !
We want to plug an iPhone in HDMI, and then to a Blackmagic mini converter going through SDI (around 100m) to another mini converter and then to the Mac : We don't see anything ! But if we plug a converter SDI to HDMI and plug it to a screen, we  see the video ! So maybe the problem comes from Millumin ? What do you think ?


  • Hello @rlalire,

    How do you get the SDI signal on your computer ? Via a Blackmagic MiniRecorder ?
    Can you see your iPhone signal in Blackmagic Media Express ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe ! We  bought a broadcast scalling converter from avmatrix to change the bitrate, and force 1080 50i ! And now the signal is seen by the mini recorder... 
    So the set-up is iPhone to HDMI via adapter, Avmatrix and out in SDI to a mini converter, and then to the Mac via thunderbolt ! Hope it can help other people !
  • Hello @rlalire,

    I don't think the problem came from Millumin.
    Not having all the info, but it really looks like your iPhone signal wasn't suitable for the BMD MiniConverter or the BMD MiniRecorder. For example the BMD MiniRecorder doesn't accept 1080p50, only 1080i50 (see the specs).

    Best. Philippe
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