Millumin for longtime video installations

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I'm working on a video installation for long time use in a museum. During this work i discovered some things, which i want to share with you:

I use a new MacMini i7 and an external graphics card with a radeon vega 56.

It should be an easy to use system with very less controlling. 
The video is mapped on a curved screen with 2 projectors.

At the beginning i was testing out the system and now its possible to handle 4 FullHD screens for the projections with this setup. Workspace should be disabled to run it smooth, when the millumin window is on the systems monitor - connected directly to the macMini. 

My biggest problems are continuous stutter, if every output is set to 60Hz. Its not a problem of millumin. Its the same problem with other macs or software. Everything runs really smooth, except there are crazy stutter for 2 seconds every 25 seconds.
I used the stripes shader to test it and i see the FPS in the workspace output is fluctuating when the stutters appear. I think this is a major problem of the macOS system. I haven't found a solution yet.

Everything works fine if i force the output to 30Hz - no more stutters for hours. This is really strange.
I use SwitchResX for that. Also with SwitchResX you can force the monitor positions and the position of the millumin window, which is really needed with a long time installation.

To shutdown the system i use a OSC data event in one of the columns. This OSC event is received in a software called "OSCulator", which runs an AppleScript with the shutdown command.

Now i have a wish: Would it be possible to prevent the "save project" message, if the workspace is only used to play columns? Then the mac could be shutdown without the question for saving.

If somebody like to have details of such a system, i could post everything...

best regards


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