Thoughts on new Mac Pro and Millumin?

Hi All,
Has anyone also been imagining the possibilities? Would love to see AMD create drivers for their frame locked media wall cards which would fit in the new Mac Pro finally. I also heard mention of the Black Magic cards supporting framelock, which is one of my biggest concerns right now.

The new pro res module, 24-core option, and the dual duo gpus are all so interesting.

Btw I wonder does Millumin need to be windowed on the same graphics card as the output card in a multi card system? As is with eGPUs?

The black magic cards have many sdi outputs, but are they as capable as Milllumin requires for graphics heavy timelines?

More input and output cards need to start hitting the streets obviously, but the Mac Pro looks like a great platform.

Live camera back to screen with imperceptible delay will be an interesting day if it ever comes.


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    Hello @cmiav,

    It's too early to have accurate understandings about the new MacPro. I guess we'd need its release fall 2019.
    Here are a few technical thoughts :

    - The spec made
    the high-end MacPro a beast (not like the MacPro 2013 on its time, I
    mean here, this is best technology). Maybe the most powerful computer
    that you could buy from a retailler.

    - The entry-level MacPro model will still be highly customizable.

    - Infinity Fabric Link looks like a very important technology : this
    should allow to create a "virtual GPU" from multiple ones, so any
    application could work with multiple GPU without rewritting its code (in
    the same fashion you write an application that can be operated by
    multiple CPU cores). This is huge !

    - All the job made for high-end MacPro will probably benefit to eGPU approach that Apple also embraced.

    - Output synchronization : we discussed about it with an Apple engineer,
    and we've to recontact him after the WWDC to learn more
    about this question. This may or may not be something useful, but I
    guess he wouldn't say so if nothing was in the pipe ...

    Best. Philippe
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    Here's what I'd imagine as best-case scenario for Mac gamers—Apple updates the Mac mini and continues eGPU support. The performance hit using eGPUs is small enough that it makes far more financial sense to run an eGPU with whatever hardware you've got versus buying a pro Mac. The iMac Pro is quite price-competitive for what it is, and I imagine the Mac Pro will be too—but unless you're going to be using that machine for billable work, $5K is simply too expensive for anyone who's going to be dabbling with games, especially as its non-upgradable. To shoot down one item off your wishlist right off the bat—we're not getting i9s. The Mac Pro is going to be a pro Mac, and that means Xeons, ECC RAM, more PCIe lanes, and the commensurate price tag increase. Stop trying to make fetch happen, guys. Nvidia GPUs are also unlikely, but given the eGPU situation and that Apple's continuing to not stand in the way of Nvidia, if you really want the GPUs you're still covered. It just might not be in an Apple-blessed fashion. With the iMac Pro out though, it's anyone's guess what the Mac Pro will look like. Given that they've explicitly said it's "modular" and "upgradable", I'm choosing to be rather optimistic that we'll see something that resembles the towers of old—because if you don't care about expandability, the iMac Pro seems like it covers most use cases (save for people who need multiple GPUs and Xeon Gold/Platinum processors). I'd personally be happy with an iMac Pro without the screen and some PCIe slots. You can get up to 8 DIMMs on a single -W processor, so cheaper upgradable RAM would be a nice benefit over the iMac Pro. Likewise, if we got m.2 SSDs we could swap versus proprietary Apple modules, that's a plus. 2.5" SSD/HDD bays would be nice; on the HP Z workstations they have bays you can configure as either a single 3.5" or dual 2.5" bays, which would provide a fair amount of flexibility for people who still need spinning drives. If you left two bays that could mean you could still get as much storage as you could on the old models through higher-capacity HDDs that have come out since then, or have cheap striped SATA SSDs to supplement your super-fast PCIe storage. Obviously the 5.25" bays will be gone (good riddance) and I wouldn't expect them to have as many hard drive bays if they keep them around. Really if they bring back the Mac Pro tower, just slimmed down (since it wouldn't need to fit all those hard drives and optical bays, and doesn't need to support a no-longer-extant near-15 year old space heater of a G5 processor) I'd be a happy man and would readily swap my 5,1 Mac Pro for the new hotness. If the iMac Pro is designed to cover the vast majority of people, then the Mac Pro really should be designed to cover everyone else—from the people who don't need a screen up to the people who can use dual sockets. But I still doubt we're going to see a high-end workstation like HP or Dell make (even in its prime the Mac Pro was much more of a midrange product) and we're not going to see something cheap enough to move into xMac territory for gamers.

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