KHX Led curtain dmx?

I have 6x12 khx led curtain im trying to pixel map video to from millumin but have been unsuccessful through an entec open dmx usb adapter. I followed the tutorial below, the entec was detected, and I added a shader to the canvas timeline and pressed play but this as well as everything else ive done has led to no control of the led curtain. Nothing i do in millumin has any effect on the led matrix at all. Can anyone help a noob?


  • ive also done the pixel mapping tutorial, no luck. Ive tried the default fixtures with no changes as well, Im hoping i dont need to create a custom fixture...This is chinese product with virtually no support, so i have no idea how to create the fixture in ofl
  • Hello @rmdesigns,

    Do you have pictures of your hardware ? It's difficult to understand what is really it ...

    To test your hardware : open the Monitor/DMX (see menubar "Window") then move the DMX sliders, until you find what are the DMX channels that controls your device.

    Best. Philippe
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