Wrong keyframe creation

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I adjusted the images size and position in the timeline to fit inside my mask, but the result appear to be different in the timeline view respect the dashboard view.

Seems the auto-keyframe create two very narrow keyframes, not visible from the timeline even zooming at max level, when I adjust multiple times the size and position with the time cursor in the same position. More in detail seems this happen when I deselect and next reselect the layer between two changes (but without moving the cursor).
In the dashboard this mean the image is stuck in the position of the first invisible keyframe.
A solution will be to allow to disable the auto key framing so to manage it by hand.

To be honest this is very annoying, two years ago I was forced to rebuild completely my project in v1 since v2 was not working as expected, this time need to do the same v3-->v1. Just one day before the event main testing.
Timeline canvas.png
594 x 284 - 117K
Dashboard canvas.png
586 x 253 - 92K


  • Hello @davide445,

    I am not sure this is the root cause of your issue : we tested this behavior, and this is all fine.
    Please send us your project (just the .millumin file), so we could check this (before you rebuild anything).

    Best. Philippe
  • Philippe didn't wanted to be harsh, was just under pressure and I'm sure is working fine on other laptops.
    In the meantime I rebuilt all in v1 that's working fine even if I miss some features such as the audio level control for every media, but anyway it's working as expected.
    Will send you the project Monday, today tests, tomorrow event.
  • Hello @davide445,

    Thank you for your files, I received them.
    Your problem was that your content wasn't "aligned in time". It was even more visible because you used "hold" keyframes.
    Be sure to maintain SHIFT then check the horizontal-dashed-blue-line : indeed, it will show how your keyframes/medias are "aligned in time", so you're sure they start at the same time.

    I sent you your problem fixed, with all the keyframes/medias starting at the same time. I hope it'd help.
    Best. Philippe
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