Square mask with specific size

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Every image I set in a timeline layer need to be masked due to projecting on stage and so need to crop the bottom part of the image.
One way is to pre-made a mask such as the attached one (800x284) but I want better to use Millumin native masking so to be able to tweak the appearance on stage. 
I also need to manually adjust the image position relative to the mask, since for every image I need to show different elements relative to the mask.
Using square mask I can manually adjust it, but I just want to have a square not a trapezoid, with a parametric size (i.e. 800x284), attached to projection borders.
Using crop I can define a crop from the bottom of the image, but I can't move the image relatively the crop.
Also every of this solution is attached to the specific image, so that if I want to change the mask I need to do it for every image.
There is any way to achieve what I want? How is possible to set a standard mask for every image?

Mask 800x284.png
800 x 600 - 4K


  • Hello @davide445,

    There are 2 solutions from what I understand :
    • Using a "global mask" : create a layer above all others, with a black color (create a "color card" from the library) and masking all what you need.

    • Using th slice-editor to crop your content : see this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe

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