PTZ camera ?

Hi guys,
I've posted on uservoice a while back a feature request for handling PTZ camera.

I don't know if you've considered it and digged into, but anyways I've just discovered a new pdf protocol file released :

(I can't check how this could work right now, because I currently have a JVC PTZ camera. And for the record, JVC PTZ sucks very very badly ! Can't wait to go back to my Panasonic PTZ ;)   )

Anyways, just to let you know, if you're interested ;)  


  • Hello @hyll,

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

    To be honest, PTZ is in the long list of stuff we'd like to dig in.
    So this can happen one day but we can' promise anything.


    Antoine M*
  • Yeah don't worry, I understand it's not top priority.

    On a side note, every plays I've been involved in for the past 4 years that uses cameras have at least one PTZ and almost everytime a panasonic one. And even their basic remote are expensive for what it does, around 2000€. (JVC is at the same price with a stupid touch screen and a shameful firmware half-finished).
    So I believe there's maybe a market for you there ;) 
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