Modify timeline speed ?

I tried unsuccessfully to slow down a timeline on a cue (and ultimately to reverse it).
The timeline contains basically a solid moving around onto a syphon.
I tried with an OSC message but it seems the speed of a timeline is not recognised. Did I miss anything?
By the way, it seems the negative speed of a media is not recognised any more ?!

Any idea ? Thanks


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    Ok, I think I've found a solution to fix my problem.
    I'll drop the timeline, and use position of layers via OSC command.
    Should work ok ;)
  • Hello @hyll,

    There is no "speed" property for the timeline (it's only for movies). You cannot slow down or speed up a timeline.
    Also, there never was an option to reverse speed of movies (which can lead to under-performances).

    You seem to have found a solution, but if not, don't hesitate to describe what you want to do.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi, Philippe
    First, I've read this post where you indicate that the speed range value of a media could be between -100% and 100%. Maybe things have changed, or I misunderstand.

    I totally understand the performance issue, but what I'm trying to achieve is just to reverse a movement and that shouldn't impact performance.

    I'm in fact, stucked again. Because I can't add in OSC a duration for a change of position. (for now, my next move will be to use a Max Patch to constantly feed position data...)

    Here is a simplified version of my problem.
    First a "timeline attempt" & secondly the "OSC attempt"
    - On a first cue go to column 2 and start the wipe.
    - After between 10 & 15 sec, a second cue to column 3. *the wipe movement should reverse to the left*
    - After a fixed 5 sec, a third cue to column 4 should resume the wipe movement to the right.
    If you have any alternative idea... Thanks !
  • Hello @hyll,

    I attached a project with a simple animation in the dashboard. So far, it seems to fit your needs.

    Best. Philippe
    wipe animation.millumin
  • Wow... looks so simple !!
    I feel really dumb.
    I'll try to go that way
    Thanks :D  

  • Thanks, it works perfectly.
    I've never seen this media transition property before, that fix everything for me :D
  • By the way, any idea how to retrieve the info that in column 4, the layer is arrived at position (0.00 , 0,00) and then auto follow with column 5 ? ;) 
  • I guess this time the only way is in OSC :D 
  • Hello @hyll,

    The attached project should fit your needs.
    In brief, there is an option in auto go that start the time when the transitions is done.
    We just putted the time to 0.

    So the transition occurs and the next column is directly launched.


    Antoine M*

  • Hey thanks a lot, Antoine  
    I've just checked it... It seems I can trash the OSC I was working on :p 
    By the way, it works ok only with the last beta 3.12g you've just released today ?
    With previous beta 3.12f, it just skips column 4. 
    Right ?
  • Hello @hyll

    Indeed, we fixed this limit case in the last release.
    If you want to stick with the previous version, you can set the wait property to 1ms.


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