Good evening to you, 

I just bought a mac mini 2018 under Mojave 10.14.4 for a pro use as part of the tour of a show that will last 4 years. 
I will drive Millumin via an Avolites Titan Mobile lighting console and an Enttec usb pro box and broadcast 4 streams in 1024x768 in cathodic TVs from the 80s. 
I'm trying to connect it all but I'm afraid the latest Enttec V2.34 beta OSX pro manager is not being developed for my Mojave version. I guess that's why Millumin doesn't recognize my Enttec box. 
What do you think of that? 

Thank you in advance. 


  • aI was able to solve the problem without really knowing how... I have an Imac 27 at home and I plugged in the enttec on it which recognized it directly. Then I plugged it into the mini mac and it was also recognized immediately. 
    I can fly Millumin via my Avolites. I simply patched dimmer channels that allow me to control the play buttons on the columns of my dashboard. However, there is another problem for me. I have a lot of trouble adjusting and calibrating the sensitivity. I need my dimmer to increase the intensity of the video linearly as a simple projector intensity. I can't get a linear rendering and the video doesn't turn off when I get to zero. 
    If anyone has any advice to give me.... 
    Thank you in advance

  • If I understand, your USB device wasn't recognized by Enttec Pro Manager : did you contact Enttec support about that ?
    I don't see a reason why there would be a problem on macOS Mojave, so there is maybe another problem (broken hardware, bad USB cable, disabled USB port, ...).

    ABout your second question : sorry, I don't understand.
    Do you want to stop your media when the opacity reaches 0% ?

    Best. Philippe
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    Hi Philippe, 

    Thank you for your answer. Regarding my first problem, it is solved. My ENTTEC box is recognized. 
    Then, for my precise request for DMX configuration, I just need to trigger one or two columns of the dashboard per song during my show via my avolites (fader or exec button). For this, I assigned the opacity of my 4 layers on 4 different channel dmx. Only, I need to have also the play button of each column in order to be able to start my media at its beginning each time I activate it. 
    I can't calibrate the button so that the video is activated when my fader is full and it is deactivated when I set it to zero. For now, you have to raise it from 0 to 100, lower it from 100 to 0 and restart it from 0 to 100 to reactivate the media. 
    I hope to be clear in my explanation. 

    thank you 

  • Hello @CaptainSpot,

    Millumin's interactions aren't designed to control the opacity and the media at the same time with a fader.
    But you could use Chataigne to do so.

    Look at this tutorial to get an idea how it works, and read the OSC API of Millumin to control it with Chataigne.

    Best. Philippe
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