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Hello. We are currently working on a project where we have to blend two projections together.

The video file is 2981x1080.
Projectors native res 1920x1080 (projectors overlap by about 600px).
We have created two Canvas and used the same video on both and then assigned a different projector on each Canvas. This way we can do soft edge blending in each side using the horizontal layout on each canvas.

My question is if there is a better way to do this type of blending with Millumin. We tried the advanced layout but it’s not what we want.

If something doesn’t make sense please let me know and I will try to clarify it.

Thank you for your time


  • Best. Philippe
  • Hello @Philippe

    Yes we tried the tutorial and this kind of blending is not what we want. We want to blend not in the middle of the two projections but on the overlapping areas far left and far right on each projection. Thats why we do a big overlap.

    Also when you do the blending on the tutorial it moves the projection to the right and things get messy.
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    Edited the video resolution because it was wrong in the first post.
  • Hello @Anemovatis,

    There is also parameters in the Output popup, to blend far-left and far-right (for example for 360° projection). These parameters doesn't move the the image like for more classical soft-edge.

    Alternatively, you can do your soft-edge manually via the effect "Soft Crop" (and probably the slice-editor, CMD+J).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @Philippe

    Thanks for your reply. If you see the drawing we have to use the advanced layout in order to get the two overlaps and there is no soft edge in there.
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  • Hello @Anemovatis,

    Unless I didn't understand your need, you want to do a classic horizontal soft-edge (or blending, it's the same).
    sure to follow carefully the instruction on the tutorial above (with
    the test-card, not your final content) : the goal is to create a
    seamless projection from 2 videoprojectors.
    Once the soft-edge
    setup, you can position your content inside your final area (that you
    should be about 3240 pixels wide from what I understand).

    Best. Philippe
  • Ended up using Resolume 6 for the blending because it was easier to do and the result was much better. I think the Millumin team should revisit the blending techniques a bit because in everything else the program is awesome and it gets better with every update.
  • Hello @Anemovatis,

    I'm sure you can do exactly the same in Millumin as in Resolume 6.
    But we need to understand what was your use case (and why the tutorial I provided wasn't fitting your needs) : could you explain it to us ? Here or via email.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello @Philippe

    As I have explained in my first post the blending was about two 1920x1080 projectors playing a 2981x1080 video file by splitting the video in 2/3 for each projector. You cannot do a 2/3 split in Millumin using Horizontal Layout only in Advanced Layout. And then when you do it in Advanced layout you cannot do edge blending anymore. Is this correct or not ?
  • Hello @Anemovatis,

    Unless I don't understand your configuration, you want to do a very classic edge-blending : creating a seamless image from 2 videoprojectors (where both videoprojectors overlap for around 600 pixels).
    Am I right ?

    If so, you can do it in Millumin easily. I attached a project showing the principle ("horizontal soft-edge.millumin").
    I also attached a project showing a manual method ("manual soft-edge.millumin"), but I don't see the interest in your case.

    Of course, tell me if I'm wrong. But explain me why your edge-blending is different than the one explained in our tutorial (maybe draw how your projectors are placed, where is your soft-edge). Alternatively you could send me a simplified Resolume project showing your configuration.

    We would be very pleased to find a solution for your use case.
    Thank you. Philippe
    Horizontal soft-edge.millumin
    Manual soft-edge.millumin
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    Hello @Phillipe,

    I will get back to you with the Millumin files once I get back to the installation space. In the mean time I am attaching a file where I point out with green color where the edge blending must take place.

    The manual method soft-edge project is very close to what we wanted to do but after a lot of tweaking with the settings the result wasn't good enough. There was always a visible beam of brighter light in the center (as seen on the tutorial screenshots).

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