Issues with quitting Millumin in an automated start up / shut down installation


I just set up Millumin in a museum show on a Mac Mini and set the system for a scheduled shut down and start up that automatically launches my master Millumin file, all through the Apple, energy saver schedule system.  The start up works fine, but when the system attempts to shut down, Millumin blocks shut down as it always ask if you want to save the Millumin file, even if no changes were made to the project.  Eventually this causes the shutdown to fail / quit out.  

Is there a way to only have the save menu pop up when changes are made?  I've saved it in full screen mode and it starts up fine, directly into full screen. I've even come out of full screen, saved, went back to full screen and quit and it works fine.  However, for some reason when the system is opened and not changed / re-saved, it still asks if you want to save or not.  

Thanks for your assistance.



  • Hello @gfelice,

    If you launch a column or start a media, it will create a change in your project, since Millumin saves the states of your project (which media are currently playing). So it's normal that the confirmation popup appears.

    Millumin can receive an OSC message to quit directly : "/action/quit"
    Just before your system shuts down, you can trigger this message with Automator, an Apple Script, ...
    Lastly, and if you have time, you can wait the next beta, where we'll add a new kind of interaction to schedule some action. But I've no release date to give you.

    Best. Philippe
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