Delay a video with a shader

Hello everyone, 

I'm trying to delay a video source coming from a Blackmagic intensity shuttle in thunderbolt to milluminV3.

I've tried the "Micro buffer.fs" code from ISF (

But when I put more than 1 in "Buffer" the program turn red and it's become unusable. 

What I've to do is take the video input and delay it in a buffer of 50 frames and and other buffer of 100 frames.
I've tried to understand how to do it...
If someone have and idea or some source who can help me or tell me if it's just impossible to do that... 

Already thanks 


  • Hello @Artilom,

    You can have a look at this free application that will create a Delay.
    ISF has a limitation to 16 buffer so the delay would be limited to 16 frames maximum.


    Antoine M*

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