How to randomly play a movie ?

I'm stuck in what I though was a basic stuff to do :D 
I just want to randomly play a movie.
I think there used to be a random solution with the "cue", but since we use "segment" this solution doesn't work anymore ? Am I wrong ?
So I tried to find an ISF effects, but I haven't been lucky so far.

Help :'( 



  • To be more explicit I have only one movie, and I want the player to jump cut randomly in it. For ever & ever ;) 
  • Hello @hyll,

    The random cue option is not available anymore since cues where replaced by segments.
    But, you can still write a custom application that sends an OSC message asking for your media to jump randomly.

    You'll find examples in our developer kit and a processing sample that you can edit attached to this post.


  • Thanks, I give it a try :) 
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