Visual feedback (lights) on midi controllers

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Hi Everyone,

Although I've been a happy user of Millumin for years, I just now thought of going ahead and asking around for a solution to one problem I could never really solve: visual feedback (or simply lights on/off) on midi controllers used with Millumin.

I personally use the Akai APC20 & 40 (Mk2) and I could never get them to provide said visual feedback in Millumin. MIDI output from Millumin to the controllers is enabled in the device manager.  I know from using other softwares that it is possible without any 3rd party "middleman" (midi translator). 

For me it is quite important to see on my controller's grid which clips are active or loaded so does anybody know of a solution?

Thanks & looking forward to reading your replies!

P.S. I love the new stuff in V3!


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    For now in Millumin, the only option to enlight leds on a midi controller is to tick the "feedback" option in your interaction.  This would work with basic midi controllers where the led have the same address as the button it represents.

    I'm not sure that this is the same with the APC.

    The other solution would be to use the OSC feedback option in Millumin and write a custom application reflecting the dashboard.

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    Antoine M*

  • Hi @antoineM

    Thank you very much for your reply! Great tip, somehow after all these years of using Millumin I completely missed that checkbox.

    Unfortunately, at least on my Akai APCs there is a strange behaviour: after assigning everything on the controller, when loading clips the lights do not work or the launch column doesn't activate. When I do manually launch a column or a clip from Millumin using the mouse they immediately light up on the controller, in their correct positions. Do you have any ideas why this is happening?

    If I have time I will look into the OSC workaround but I don't find it as reliable as having the visual feedback integrated into the software.

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts on this!

    Thanks & best regards,


  • This happens because Milllumin doesn't update all the interactions when you load a project, or when you add a media in the dashboard.

    Apc's seems to have some kind of a querry/notification system throught sysex that can update the controller directly when the software loads.

    The OSC API wont send you theses information neither on load.

    A solution would be to create a script that launch all the columns when a project is loaded. So your controller will be updated.

    Antoine M*


    Antoine M*
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