Confusion within slices, surfaces and masks

Hi everyone, I’m setting up my first Millumin project but I need to clear my ideas between slices, surfaces and masks first.

I will have 4 projector to target 2 rounded tables (vertical projection coming from ceiling)

Every projector (indipendent output on my graphic card) as to be on one Layer assigned to the desired output
And every layer will have to have the 2 circolar slices for the table-projection, is that correct?

How should I make the 2 rounded projection?
With a Surface or a Mask?

Thanks in advance



  • First thing to know : mapping works only with quads (or triangle).

    Then, when you do know a mapping, you have to set an input mapping, the quad defining the part of the image you want to map, and an output mapping, where you want to map. In Millumin, the input mapping is also called a slice.

    Masks are used to hide a part of your mapped image. So, that what you need to use in your case. As the mapping is a quad, but you want to project a circle, you need to use a mask to only display a circle part of your picture.
    More info about how to set a mapping here.

    Surfaces are a tool to set and reuse your output mapping in different part of your project. More info here and here.

    Does it solve your problem ?

    Sincerely your,
  • Ok, thanks. things are getting clear now hands on the software.

    so, what I did was:

    I opened a new show, 
    I set a single 1920x1080 output (for the test with a single projector)
    I created 3 layers
    on layer 1 I created a rounded inverted mask that will be my Table N.1
    on layer 2 I created a rounded inverted mask that will be my Table N.2
    on layer 3 I will be playing the content around the table

    Would that work or is there a better way to do it?
    (the final project will have 3 projectors and would have 7 layers total, one per table and one for the background)

    thanks so much


  • That is the good way to do it.
    One last thing to make the mapping with a mask easier for you : you can use a non cropped slice as in this video.

    Sincerely your,
  • This looks interesting, where can I find more infos on this feature?
    I still can’t get exactly how that would work for me..

  • The idea of this feature is to allow you to create a slice that doesn't crop your image. So you can place your input mapping point as you want without cropping your image. Then, you can do the cropping with a mask.

    You can't find more information on this feature because we doesn't know what we could add to this. But if you have a precise question, don't hesitate.

    For your case, you can use this feature to place your input mapping point on a circumscribed square of your circle, so the mapping can be more easy. Like in the attached picture.

    Let me know if that solve your problem.

    Sincerely your,

    circumscribed slice.png
    2354 x 1468 - 267K
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