Problem with Dante Virtual Soundcard

Hi everyone, I'm running a show in which I need to output audio through Dante Virtual Soundcard software and route sound output through 8 virtual channels..
Using Millumin 3 I experience a problem that randomly presents itself.
When I launch a column with a media with embedded audio, sometimes frame rate drops instantly and video and sound stutters during playback.
If then I relaunch the same column, frame rate is correct and video and sound plays smoothly.
Media is quicktime prores with embedded audio 48Khz, 24bit wav.
Never had such a problem with a physical sound card.
Does anybody has a clue on this subject?
Many thanks


  • Hello @aigore,

    What is your problem exactly ?
    Is the stutter happening only at beginning ? Or does it go on during the whole playback of the movie ?
    Do you have issue with 48kHz/16bit format ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe, the problem happens during the whole playback of the clip.
    It's a 48Khs/24bit, I can, anyway, easly go to 16bit.
    It happens on the first playback of the clip. 
    If I go back in column and then relaunch doesn't happen but if I wait a while it happens again.
    Today it seems fine if I keep the Dante Virtual sound card window open and not closed, as I was told to do.
    I'm just afraid it can happen again.
    Thanks for the feedback.
  • Hello @aigore,

    We cannot reproduce your issue.
    Howener, this may be a container issue : is your file a MOV file ? WAV ? AIFF ?

    If possible, please send us a minimal project reproducing the problem via email. Thank you.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe, I'm sending you a part of the project so you, maybe, can reproduce the issue.
    All media are hap .mov files.
    I have for the media with sound custom audio routing layouts to assign to DVS interface.
    DVS is configured to run 8x8 audio channels.
    To reproduce the issue you can just go forward and backwards between columns 3 and 4 without waiting the fade time.
    If you keep the FPS counter active you should see that it drops down a lot and video and sound stutters.
    This is a way to reproduce the issue quickly but I can tell that it could happen randomly during show run waiting all fade times.
    BTW i'm running on a macbook pro mid 2012, 16GB ram, SSD drives and OSX 10.13.6.
    It happens with another machine with similar configuration.
    Will send you an email with project archive.
    My best and thank you
  • Hello @aigore,

    Sorry for the delay, but we have been actively working to reproduce your issue and fix it.
    We sent you a special version via email for testing.

    Best. Philippe
  • I just experienced the exact same problem.

    The solution we came up with was to turn off Dante as the system sound device.

    You can still select Dante in the audio routing panel in Millumin.  It will still send out.

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