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Hi guys, 

Have some trouble here. I have a few questions. For a play I have 4 screens (3 TVs and 1 projector). I need to send on each screen a different video. So to sum up I have 4 canevas for 4 screens. I have two Mac but I don’t have the budget for a datapath X4. My idea is to use a Matrox Dual Head in each Mac to control 2 screens per Mac. But before buying the Matrox Dual Head I wan’t to be sure that my Mac (precisely the output in Millumin) make the difference between two HDMI sources with the Matrox Dual Head ! Can you guys ensure me of that ? Or do you have better option ? 

Thanks in advance !



  • Hello @Joshua,

    Millumin doesn't manage the DualHead, but macOS with Matrox PowerDesk do. The DualHead is detected by the computer as a big panoramic screen, not as 2 separate outputs. Idem for the Datapath FX4.
    Fortenatly, Millumin is able to check resolution of such screens, so you can output on the whole DualHead, or only on left/right halfs.

    In brief : yes, you will be able to see your DualHead as 2 separate outputs in Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
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    Alright thank you very much Philippe. I assume that the triplehead does the same thing, but with 3 hdmi ?
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