Internals OSC Messages

Hi everyone, 

Is it possible to send OSC message internally? I want to send an OSC message inside a Timeline that will trigger a column when the timeline is played in the Dashboard. I can achieve that by attributing the same OSC port number to the input and ouput. However, when I restart Millumin I got a error message that the port is not available. In fact, it's logical. I need to change the number and put again the same number for the input and the ouput. 

Is there an other workaround? Changing the port at each restart seems not reliable for me... Someone will forget to change it during the show's presets and the sequence with the OSC message in the dashboard will not follow. 

Thanks for any tips! Maybe there is an alternative for achieving my desire without sending any OSC messages. 


  • Hello @dubreski,

    We limited this case, because it could create infinite feedback loops, especially when activating Millumin's OSC feedback.
    In latest update (3.11.n), we allowed this and display a warning instead. It should fit your needs.

    Best. Philippe
  • edited February 21
    Thank you very much Philippe!
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