Moving a structure

I would like moving a surface of projection during a show : Basically, a plate on the floor take by an actor. I don't think that the basic "corner mapping" method is the good solution. Could I use the new "structure"  feature for achieve this ?  Would I use Unity ? After Effect ? Or is it possible only with Millumin ? Best ! Guillaume


  • Hello @wimf

    Actually, there isn't an easy way to do this kind of thing. You need to track the position the position of your plate and then map it.
    Depending on the lighting of your stage and of your plate, you could use the blob tracker tool to track the position of your plate, and then move the layer to its position.
    Look at this tutorial for more info about the blob tracker.

    Or, another solution, will be to not track at all the plate. You animate a mapping in a timeline, like in this tutorial, and you move your plate synchronously to this animation.

    Let me know if you have furthermore questions.

    Sincerely your,
  • Thanks a lot Nicolas, I'll try this solutions. Best, Guillaume
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