Live Automated Transitioning, can it be done?

Dear community and millumin team, thank you for your work and support here in the forums. 

I have a question in regards to my current project in which:

- A sequence of videos are transitioned in from one to the other, matching transitions in music being played simultaneously as the videos.

- The cue points to the transitions are not fixed and must be made live.  

The way I'm achieving this now is having arranged the clips in individual layers on one column in the dashboard. I then play the clips in their subsequent order and mix in between them by fading their opacity in and out on a MIDI controller. 

My question is: Can the process of mixing between two layers be automated and activated at either the push of a button by me or better yet a midi cue that is also cueing the music being played that the videos aim to match? 

I'm super grateful for any answers to this question and any other suggestions on how I could simplify and/or enhance my methods in any way. 



  • Hello Leon,

    Why not using transitions that are built-in Millumin ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks Philippe, i saw this but i forgot to mention that Im on MILLUMIN c. 1.83 so i dont see that this applies or does it just look different?
  • Hello @Lebleu,

    You can find the same function in Millumin V1 :
    - select your media
    - click the "cog" icon next to "effect"
    - a popup appears, then click the "setup automatic transition" button

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you for your help ! 
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