Millumin For 4 screen/TV - stage installation

I would need advice and guidance for a video installation that I plan as part of a show for young audiences. 
I have 4 x  27" screens integrated in old 80's retro tv on stage. I would like to send 4 different sources to these screens. For that, I plan a pc (media server with Millumin) with a video output in hdmi, another in usb-c (to hdmi) and another equipped with a matrox dual head SE and DVI cables. 
In order to manage all this, several solutions are open to me and it is on this subject that I would need help: 
1st solution : 
- From my control room (light desk) equipped with an avolites lighting console. I drive Millumin in DMX via a enttec pro usb usb box. I control my GO on my light console. 
2nd solution: I take a second computer in control room with a midi keyboard and OSC touch in wifi via a wifi router between my pc on stage and my pc in control room. 

What do you think of that? Is my basic approach the right one or the best solution? 

Thank you to you 


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  • The first solution seems the most cost effective, as well as the simpliest one.
    You could also use Artnet instead of an USB-DMX (maybe more convenient to avoid very long USB cables between the control-room and the stage).

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe, 

    Thanks for the advice. If my thinking is right, it reassures me. The RJ45 version assumes to have a cable between the control room and my media server on stage so I prefer to stay in dmx because there is always this link between my console and the stage. 

    Thank you and have a good day. 

  • Hi Philippe, I'm in the process of finalizing my installation with these 4 screens integrated in the 4 TVs. Do you think I can do my diffusion of my 4 video streams in 1080p with a latest generation mini mac? The 4 screens wired on the thunderbolt 3 ports. Apple tells me it can pass. Or maybe three on the thunderbolt and one on the hdmi. 
    Thanks a lot. 


  • Hello @CaptainSpot,

    From a technical point of view, yes, you can plug 4 displays to the latest MacMini.
    The graphic card (Intel UHD 630) is low, but should be able to handle 4 displays, as well one big movie encoded with HAP.

    I strongly recommend you to test your setup before installing.

    Are the things clearer ?
    Best. Philippe
  • Good evening, Phillipe! 

    Great! Thank you for that clear answer! I will test before the end of the 14 days of retraction.... :) 

    I'll give you a feedback. 

    Thank you and have a good evening. 
  • Good morning, everyone. 

    So for the record, I couldn't connect 4 monitors via my mac mini. I wanted to connect 4 monitors via the USB-C of the mac via usb-c / hdmi adapters. I only managed to connect 2 monitors via usb-c and a third one via the hdmi port. 
    I need 6 outputs for installation ideally: 
    - 4 for my TV screens
    - 1 for my video projectors 
    - 1 for the millulin management screen. 

    Apart from an Hx4 datapath, I can't find any other viable solutions. 
    I also found this product below that would allow me to connect my 4 monitors to two usb c outputs via hdmi and keep the HDMI of the mini mac for my projector. I'll just miss another exit for the Millumin monitor. 

    Thanks a lot. 

  • Hello @CaptainSpot,

    According to this documentation by Apple, the MacMini can support 3 x 4K screens at max.
    We tried several configuration, but I had the same results as yours : whatever the resolution is, we can connect 3 screens at max. But this is already a lot for the GPU included in this MacMini.

    From what I understand, you could use :
    - a Datapath FX4 or a AJA HA5-4K could be used to split a 4K signal to your 4 TV screens
    - a Thunderbolt 3 port for your videoprojector
    - the HDMI port for macOS desktop

    An alternative solution could be to use an eGPU. More info here.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello Philippe,

    Thank you for this information and advice. 
    Indeed for now, I have retained the idea of a Datapath on the HDMI of my mini mac + one usb-c for my video projector and another for my OS desktop

    For me this solution is the most reliable because first of all, I had positive opinions from video maker friends who praised the quality of a Datapath. And then, if I understood correctly, the Datapath is detected by the GPU of the mini mac as a single screen, which leaves me two more screens for the projector and the desktop monitor. 

    Is it the same for an eGPU type Radeon VEGA 56 coupled to a Razer Core X box? 

    Just one last question and opinion. Several computer technicians certified me that the Mac mini and its GPU were able to broadcast my 5 streams in 1920. Just for broadcasting. I don't process editing or production videos on this computer. I just use it for live broadcasting. 

    It is not easy to find a high-performance Apple computer with 6 outputs at a low price....
    While under windows a good Intel NUC NUC NUC8i7HNK with 6 physical outputs at 1000€ would do well.... When will Millumin on windows for small budgets? I have difficulty arguing with the actors of the company I work with... :) And yet, I've been an Apple pro for more than 10 years. 

    Thank you for this good advice and good evening. 

    Cordially ! 


  • Hello @CaptainSpot,

    At our studio, we have such an eGPU and we are using this Vega 56 model : Gigabyte Radeon RX Vega 56 Gaming OC 8G.
    It features 6 outputs : 3 HDMI and 3 DisplayPort. This Vega 56 is also very powerful GPU.
    The whole eGPU cost us 700€ (taxes and shipping included), and took 2 minutes to be ready to use.

    We tested it on a MacMini, with 6 displays connected to the eGPU (one canvas of 11520 x 1080 pixels), with 3 movies 4K@60fps. No display connected directly to the MacMini.
    Everything stays at 60fps.

    We also tested with 3 x 4K@60 displays (running from the 3 eGPU DisplayPort), with 3 x 4K@30 movies.
    Stays at 60fps also.

    Best. Philippe
  • Can any of the star tech DisplayPort to 4 monitors MST hubs be used ? I’m haveing a similar project using 4 projectors .

    Running from a envidia 1050 ti gpu card.

    To me It look like those card do the same af the knows triple head to go .. just with 4 screens ?

    Hope to get some useful info before buying any gadgets ;-)

    Cheers jeppe

  • Startech support says it's not officially supported on macOS.
    Apple documentation says the contrary, but I guess Startech should be right anyway :

    An alternative could the this device from Startech, a Datapath FX4, or a AJA HA5-4K.
    More info on this post.

    Best. Philippe

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