Millumin For 4 screen/TV - stage installation

I would need advice and guidance for a video installation that I plan as part of a show for young audiences. 
I have 4 x  27" screens integrated in old 80's retro tv on stage. I would like to send 4 different sources to these screens. For that, I plan a pc (media server with Millumin) with a video output in hdmi, another in usb-c (to hdmi) and another equipped with a matrox dual head SE and DVI cables. 
In order to manage all this, several solutions are open to me and it is on this subject that I would need help: 
1st solution : 
- From my control room (light desk) equipped with an avolites lighting console. I drive Millumin in DMX via a enttec pro usb usb box. I control my GO on my light console. 
2nd solution: I take a second computer in control room with a midi keyboard and OSC touch in wifi via a wifi router between my pc on stage and my pc in control room. 

What do you think of that? Is my basic approach the right one or the best solution? 

Thank you to you 


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  • The first solution seems the most cost effective, as well as the simpliest one.
    You could also use Artnet instead of an USB-DMX (maybe more convenient to avoid very long USB cables between the control-room and the stage).

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe, 

    Thanks for the advice. If my thinking is right, it reassures me. The RJ45 version assumes to have a cable between the control room and my media server on stage so I prefer to stay in dmx because there is always this link between my console and the stage. 

    Thank you and have a good day. 

  • Hi Philippe, I'm in the process of finalizing my installation with these 4 screens integrated in the 4 TVs. Do you think I can do my diffusion of my 4 video streams in 1080p with a latest generation mini mac? The 4 screens wired on the thunderbolt 3 ports. Apple tells me it can pass. Or maybe three on the thunderbolt and one on the hdmi. 
    Thanks a lot. 


  • Hello @CaptainSpot,

    From a technical point of view, yes, you can plug 4 displays to the latest MacMini.
    The graphic card (Intel UHD 630) is low, but should be able to handle 4 displays, as well one big movie encoded with HAP.

    I strongly recommend you to test your setup before installing.

    Are the things clearer ?
    Best. Philippe
  • Good evening, Phillipe! 

    Great! Thank you for that clear answer! I will test before the end of the 14 days of retraction.... :) 

    I'll give you a feedback. 

    Thank you and have a good evening. 
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