Changing Board with constant output [URGENT]

I need to change boards whilst showing the same still image.
Sometimes it works, sometiems it quickly turns to black.
What's the best practise for this?

Thanks in advance!!!

(Millumin 2.18.w)


  • Hello @kevin,

    We just tested this behavior, and we haven't a black cut.

    A few question :
    - Have you activated the option "go on to the next board" in Millumin's Preferences ?
    - How do you switch from one board to the other ? Via the "go to next column" button ?
    - Could you tell us more about the issue : what exactly is happening ? What is the duration of the black cut ? 1 frame ? 1 second ?
    - Could you record a short video with Quicktime X and send us via email (contact / milliumin / com)

    Best. Philippe

    PS : as a general manner, if it's urgent, better to send us an email (it's more convenient)
  • Hello @kevin,

    Thank you, we received your video.
    Indeed, there is a one-frame black cut when you switch between 2 boards : this is because the end of your board, and the beginning of the next one, have the very same movie. Since Millumin V2 does not preload the movies of the next board, there is a small cut. But there is a simple trick : duplicate your movie file (CMD+D in Finder), and use this duplicated file at the beginning of your next board instead.
    You won't this black cut if you use an image, a shader, or if your movie is not the same between the 2 boards.
    Does my explanations make sense ?

    Also, you won't have this problem with Millumin V3. Indeed we added a lot of new rules to preload media (the next board, audio settings, movie's start/end points, ...) in an optimized fashion.

    Best. Philippe
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