Set interactions für Command "launch next column" and "launch last column"

Hey there,

I tried to find a similar thread in here without success. So I create a new one. Everything about interactions with "clickable" buttons works fine with me. But I would like to map also the commands for "launch next column" and "launch previous column". It work fine with the keyboard commands but how to get interactions on these ones?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.



  • Hello @Julius,

    Press CMD+M to activate interaction-mapping mode.
    Then click on the ">>" button (launch next column) in the dashboard, and send some MIDI, OSC, DMX, ... signal to associate it with this function.
    Pour "launch previous column", it's the same, but you have to check "previous" in the interaction properties. Alternatively in Millumin V3, you can add manually an interaction by using the "+" button in the interaction panel.

    More info on this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe,

    thanks for you quick reply. I just did not see the lower part of the interaction properties. Thanks a lot and I wish I would already own V3 ;-)

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