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Is it possible to start and stop recording in syphon recorder with timeline or dashboard ? if not, is there another recorder we can start and stop ? with osc command or another way ? thanks a lot


  • Hello @nosoi,

    You could write a small AppleScript to control Syphon Recorder, then invokes this script from Millumin.

    I attached an AppleScript bundled as an application : it records one second then stop, but you can modify it yourself to fit your needs.
    Be sure to drag-and-drop this application in System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Privacy (so it's allowed to control other application).
    Lastly, you can easily invoke this application in Millumin 3 : create a data-track and choose the mode "Application". Then you can start the application by switching the value of the data-track from 0 to 1 (in the dashboard or in a timeline).

    Best. Philippe
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    Thanks, i already use the "application mode" in Millumin 3. It works to open and exit syphon recorder, but not to control start and stop recording with cue.

    I drag and drop your application, but i don't understand how to control start and stop record in millumin.

  • Hello @nosoi,

    Do not use the "application mode" directly with Syphon Recorder : you don't want to run/quit the application, but start/Stop recording.
    The application attached with my second message is doing so : it starts recording, wait 1 second, then stops recording.

    You can edit this application with the "AppleScript Editor" application from Apple (type "applescript" in spotlight).

    Anyway, I attached 2 different application here : one to start recording, the other to stop.
    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks Philippe. I am sorry, i can't see How it could Work with millumin, where is the link between your apps and millumin, how control with timeline. I am sorry to be dumb (and french).
  • Hello @nosoi,

    In last message, I provided you 2 applications : when you launch them, it starts or stops recording. Try by yourself (be sure to run Syphon Recorder first).

    Then, in Millumin V3, use a data-track in "application" mode, to launch one of these applications to start/stop recording.

    Best. Philippe
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    Erreur dans System Events : sr n'est pas autorisé à un accès d'aide. (-1719)

    What's wrong ?
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