Output Menu as a pop up or own window

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I know this is maybe something for the user voice, but I feel it is extremely important.
If you click on "Output" menu, it disables everything else while active.
It would be great having this menu as a pop up window that can be actually maximised in another monitor and enabled permanently.
Some of us have very elaborate input and output configurations and it is not something you set one time and forget.
ACTUALLY, I wish this window would be called Input/Output and be able to stay open on another monitor all the time, separate from the rest of the interface.
If you look at the switchers from Barco and Analog Way, Millumin has most of their features, but they are not all available to use as it is. (I know Millumin is not a switcher but the fact is it is being used as a switcher, media server, scaler and everything else in between).
Maybe a good way would be to create 2 kinds of surfaces - program and control surfaces, Program being the show displays and control the ones for the operator(s). 
Same goes for the light operators, they should have their own screen option, otherwise they will never dare use Millumin for anything but totally preprogrammed shows. While this is great for theatre, I have not had a show without any changes in at least 10 years.
Regarding the I/O menu:
I have 2 BM cards with 3 capture or playback channels and 2 Datapath fx4, so that is a lot of potential inputs and displays. They are all recognised in Millumin. This is more outputs than most high end units and it would be great to have a separate, clear, overview window for all of them on the second monitor. 
It would be great to just open "Input/output" menu, create surfaces for the main displays, speaker preview, notes preview, side screens etc and also have this menu available the entire time. Also, if a client walks up to me in the middle of the show and says they want another input going to another output (like a speaker timer going to the notes monitor) I should be able to change it without having my show interface blocked by "output" menu. This happens all the time, to me at least.
I know I can already assign anything to anywhere, but just clicking the "output" blocks me from actually using Millumin until closed.
I think this would also be great for people who are more used to the traditional i/o setups (I am not one but many are).
Has anyone else had these thoughts?

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