Transition Video but not Audio?

Hi everyone,
new user here. Is it at all possible to keep the audio-volume from being affected by a transition or a layer's opacity? 
I want the audio to start right away but the video to fade in. 
As a workaround I detached the audio from the video and put them on separate layers with custom fade times. 
 I just want to be sure I'm not missing anything. Trying to save as many steps as possible.



  • Hello @zolanet,

    This isn't possible to have the transition only affecting the video, not the audio.
    Yes, you can split the movie into 2 files : one only video, one only audio.

    Another solution is to use an effect to affect the alpha of the video. But it requires 2 columns. See attached image.

    Lastly, you could create an idea on Uservoice (it helps us to keep track of user requests, and see their popularity).

    Best. Philippe

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