simple SLICES sync issue

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I want to do a simple mapping with one texture (a proress mov file) on a two sides cube. I got a problem with the sync of the video between both sides of the cube. I attache files.

First I made the 2 surfaces of the cube, then I added the file in the layer, next i splitted the layer in 2 slices with the slice editor, and at last I linked each splited-layer to a surface.

Am I doing something wrong?
01 surfaces.jpg
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02 slices.jpg
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  • Hello @Arnaurvm,

    You are confused between perspective-transform (often called mapping) and warping.
    The first preserves perspective (that is why you got the result in your images), and the second deforms the image (it keeps proportions, this is what you are looking for).

    I attached a project here, to show you the difference.

    Best. Philippe
    perspective VS warping.millumin
  • Hello

    The only problem is with this technique, we cannot use surfaces...

  • Thanks Philippe!

    Finaly I added the file to a layer and I warpped with 2 columns and 1 row (without duplicate the layer).

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    1000 x 1038 - 112K
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