2017 Macbook Pro and 60hz?

I have tried everything with Swiitchresx to set my macbook to 3840x2160 or 2560x1440 at 60hz via Displayport (to Datapath FX4) or HDMI. My Projector I thing dont like the 30hz settings. Cant seem to find anything with 60hz in the menu. Could it be my cable or do I need to use Terminal to be able to set a custom resolution in Switchresx? Thanks


  • Hello @Lauschmann,

    From Datapath documentation, the FX4 cannot get a 4Kp60 input via HDMI. Displayport or dual-HDMI is required to do so.
    Also, be sure to launch Datapath Wall Designer (available for macOS and Windows) and check if there is no firmware/flash upgrade available.

    For info, SwitchresX won't help at all : everything depends on the FX4 recognizing the input correctly. It's hardware.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks Phillippe,
    Sorted this but having terrible trouble with changing and viariable move of content (about 50 pixel )after restart even if all settings seem to be the same. Makes any masking/mapping impossible. Have you ever expierenced this?
  • Hello @Lauschmann,

    Sorry, I don't understand your problem.
    What is the problem exactly ? Is it related to Millumin, to the FX4, or to the detection of the FX4 by macOS ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Sorry for the confusion. I wondered if you ever had issues of projection to to move every time you reconnect or restart computer or Datapath. All settings stay same but the video position in relation to the mapped architecture moves about 50-100 pixel in unpredictable manner. Datapath Support is saying there are multiple issues with USB-b adapters. I never seen such unpredictable behaviour.
  • Hello @Lauschmann,

    Sorry, I still don't understand your problem.

    Are the settings of the Datapath F4 changed after restarting the computer ?
    Or do you have a shift in your mapping in Millumin, when you reopen your project after restarting the computer ?

    Best. Philippe
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