Accuracy, Columns and Segments

First, an important observation: Moving from column to column is not instantaneous, and this means that a piece of music split between two columns in the dashboard will have a noticeable delay and/or interruption. 
a. Is there any way for users to fix this, or a workaround?
b. would it be a goal for you fine people to eliminate this lag, something perhaps that can be fixed in coming updates?

The second topic is using a timeline with segments (A, B and C "once only") that I would like to extend over 3 columns in the dashboard and then set loop mode for Auto-follow on one or more of them. When I select which segment  is in each column all the columns change to the same segment. Is this correct? Must I put 3 instances of the timeline in 3 columns and select the segments they reference instead? In this case, the delay in part one of my comment occurs.

If I am mistaken please tell me the exact settings that will achieve a smooth transition from segment to segment in the timeline.

Thank you for your help!

Best regards,



  • Hello @Chocron,

    To reply you first question.
    Millumin have been designed for theater/dance shows, videomapping, museums, ... But not for musical shows, where you need a BPM synchronization, audio effects, ... (like in Ableton Live for example).
    We ensure a continuity for video (no black frame) and perfect audio-looping (on per-media basis), but in some case, yes, a small audio delay can occur when switching media, especially if using "auto-follow" : indeed Millumin's timings are based on video frequency (50 or 60Hz), but audio works at a higher frequency (44kHz or 48kHz), so such an audio delay can be heard in some circumstances.
    However, this is a concern for us, and we're thinking about a solution to ensure continuity for audio. For sure, this isn't a small update, and I cannot give you an ETA. I hope you could understand.
    Keep in mind, that's very complex task, because everything has to run in realtime.

    To reply your second question.
    If you set the "custom segment" property, it forces the timeline to play only this segment : so you cannot play another segment. Also, this way, you override the behavior of the timeline (so you can change the "loop mode" to "auto-follow"). In brief, using "custom segment" breaks the relationship between timeline's segment.
    To preserve timeline's behavior, edit the board (CMD+E), then click on the segment's name in the dashboard to change it. More info on this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
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