Auto-follow delay

Im a new user preparing a big show.
My problem:
Even if  I only use a short wav-file placed I two columns, a soundclip that is perfectly clipped for looping, there is a delay in the transition. 
 If I test the wav as "Infinite", it loops perfectly.
Can this be right? It should be ok to have one beat through a show using different columns.
I use Millumin +V2 (beta) and the latest and fastes MacBook Pro.


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    Hello @Stein,

    Did you extend your media accross several columns ? Or did you put several time, the same media on different columns ?
    See image below to check the difference :

    If the problem persists, please send us a minimal project reproducing the problem, via email contact / millumin. Thank you.
    Best. Philippe
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