Surfaces used individually and together

Hello everyone! I'm very new to Millumin, but so far I'm impressed by Millumin's ability to quickly build out mapping. I have a question about the best way to make something happen:

I have 5 surfaces on a canvas. I would like to be able to place content in each surface but also once in a while have a single piece of content play across all the surfaces having the surfaces act almost like a mask. So far the only way I have been able to achieve this is by masking a black layer in the same places that the surfaces are. That works fine, but the show is likely going to travel to multiple venues and I would love to be able to only have to re-map the 5 original surfaces in the canvas menu rather than have to also re-map the the black layer masks and then copy and paste as well.  

Is this possible with the current build of Millumin?  


  • Hello @JoelG

    You can convert your surfaces into a mask by using the SVG. 
    Here is the workflow : 

    - create and adjust your surfaces 
    - export the surfaces as SVG (... between the + and the - to add and remove surfaces)
    - go into the mask section of your layer and import the SVG file you exported 
    - add a square mask at the bottom covering all your canvas. 
    - pass all the surfaces (but the square mask) in "show pixels". 
    - you can then copy the masks to the other layers by using the "edit->copy masks only" menu. 

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    It might also be easier to set each of your individual canvases to output to Syphon and then ingest those into a single larger canvas. Then you can set your real outputs to the desired portions of the large composite. This gives you the ability to span between individual canvases and also the convenience of having each one separately.

    This would loosely compare to "Super Destinations" on the E2. Do note that this will add some delay and, I believe, utilize a bit more system resources.
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