Store Dmx Color Value in the Dashboard/Timeline

I'm using the RGBW template light in my show to control a four channel apollo "right arm" and redirect the position of my projector. 

The channels map correctly and I can manually move the projector arms, but I cannot seem to store the information (the color information which is now the position information) into a cue.  I only seem to be able to store and access intensity.   Is there a keyframe fix for this in a timeline?  Is there a section of the dashboard I cannot reach?   Do i need to make entirely new fixtures in new timelines/dashboards to move from one to the other?  I would appreciate the advice of anyone else working with this type of unit in Millumin2.  Thank you!


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    Hello @rmclark,

    For now, Millumin is focused on traditional lights such as PAR, fresnel, ... So for now, Millumin only has states/keyframes for the intensity of the lights (one DMX channel per light).
    However, you could create a data-track to send any DMX signal : see this tutorial. I mean 3 data-track for the red, the green and the blue.
    Another solution is to create a pixel-mapping with a "DMX layer" : the principle is simple, sending DMX signals depending on the color of the pixels. This is used a lot with LED, see this tutorial.

    Of course, we're aware that non-traditional lights could be managed far better in Millumin. That's why, we're planning to improve and extend this system for more advanced lights in Millumin V2+ (more info on the website).
    By the way, we created a poll on Facebook last week regarding this topic.

    Best. Philippe
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