Pixie driver multiple LED output

Hello everyone,

1st question) Is it possible to had multiple dmx output with an Enttec MK2, or Enttec Pixie driver. I don't found the way... So I pass through Madmapper for split my signal. 

2nd ) I had multiple problems for recognize my Enttec MK2 or Pixie driver. Millumin recognize them only one time on ten. does Millumin use D2XX driver for sending usb ?



  • Hello @mobyblack,

    1) Millumin doesn't support the second universe of the Enttec MK2, but you can vote for this idea.
    You can use 2 universes with the Enttec Pixie driver, but you need two DMX inputs.

    2) Be sure your Enttec MK2 isn't used by another application. If the problem persists, click the "i" icon in the device-panel then click the button "clean & install ftdi drivers".
    I don't understand your question for Enttec Pixie : it won't be recognize by any software, since it only gets DMX inputs.

    Best. Philippe
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