Datapath X4 and Matrox DualHead

Hi all,

I'm working on a new show for witch i need to send 2 different vidéo streams. For a previous show, I've already work with 2 video streams with a Matrox Dual Head (1 stream to a VP and the second one to a TV on stage). This time I need to send one stream to a VP that is on the ceiling projecting to the floor and a second stream through 3 VP projecting vertically (portrait) on to 3 vertical screens on stage. One third of the image is projected on each screen.
Every thing would be piloted by Millumin on a Macbook pro.
I thought that I could use a dual Head to separate my two video stream and for the second one use a Datapath X4 to divide the image in three (see sketch included).
Do you thing this is possible? or the best way to achieve that.

Thanks for your insights
1472 x 1848 - 348K


  • hello phdemoulin
    can you do this using Datapath x4 only
    in the millumin you will have 2 option 1x4k or 4x1080 (that is in the output of the millumin)
    being thus you manage your exit
    I hope it helps

  • Thanx peixotodavi for your answer. But I was wondering if I use data path  this way (3+1), will I be able to use the feature that allow me to split one image in 3 thirds projected onto 3 different portrait screens an a second image on a fourth one?
  • Hello @phdemoulin,

    As stated by @peixotodavi, in Millumin you can choose between using your Datapath X4 as one big 4K screen, or as four 1920x1080 screens.
    So yes, you can do a "3+1" projection.

    This is even easier : you create 2 canvases, one 1920x1080 (1 horizontal videoprojector), one 3240x1920 (3 vertical stacked videoprojectors).
    Since you have a combinaison of horizontal and vertical videoprojectors on your Datapath X4, you should use "advanced layout" for the second canvas.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanx Philippe for the explanation I will go with that :)

    As usual, your are there for us. That's really the Millumiin touch !

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