Control a projector with serial String Track

Hi everybody ! happy new year

I am wondering if someone can help me with a problem i have.
I need to control parameters of a a projector ( Christie roadster s+20K ) via millumin.
What i do for now is using string command via rj45.
In the interaction panel i put the IP of my projector and the port.
In the dashboard a data track in string mode and in the command i put (SHUO)

Nothing happened when i use the test button

Then i tried to put (SHU[INT_VALUE]) and in the current value line put 1 or 0 ( open or close position of the shutter )

I think i have a bad understanding of something but i dont know if it come from millumin or of the control of the Christie.
Maybe string command is not the answer and there is other way to communicate to the projector via millumin.
I thought the Christie can understand Artnet...

Thank you for your help and time.



  • Hello @dada,

    I'm not 100% sure but Christie uses TCP and not UDP protocol.
    What is your mode in Device-panel/Strings ? TCP or UDP ?

    Alternatively, could you open a terminal, and type : echo "(shu1)" | nc -w 0 3002
    This is sending a string to your projector.

    Best. Philippe
  • I ve tried the command line in the terminal... and it worked.... sometimes.... the shutter open and then close instantanantly, i don t understand why but i guess it is a good news because something happen.
    In millumin i tried both udp and tcp but i think the christie work in tcp even if i have found nothing in the documentation about it.
    Thank you
  • Hello @dada,

    The terminal command I gave you, is doing the same as sending a TCP string with Millumin.
    In Millumin, be sure to type (wiythout the quotes) exactly the string "(shu0)" or (shu1)" but not "(SHUO)".

    Did you contact Christie's support about your shutter opening and closing suddently ? What are they saying ?

    Best. Philippe
  • RE,
    It still didnt work, in the terminal sometimes, in millumin never.
    In the monitor i can t see anything going out.
    For now i am gonna use the remote with a wire.
    I continue to investigate to understand why it doesnt work.
    Thanks for your time.

  • Hello @dada,

    Which "monitor" are you talking about ? The one of Millumin (displaying the messages that go in or out) ?
    What Christie's support is saying about the command working sometimes and not always ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Re,
    i was talking about the In/Out monitoring in Millumin that didnt show any messages going out from millumin via the string command.
    I didnt contact the Christie support.
    Finally i control the shutter via artnet, it was pretty easy to configure with millumin. To reach the universe 5 i had to put @6 in Millumin because the 0 doesnt exist in artnet universe btw.
    Thank you for your help.

  • Hello @dada,

    If the monitor doesn't show that a string-message is going out from Millumin, it's likely there is a problem in your setup.
    For example : the port could be busy, so Millumin cannot use it (because another application is using this port).

    Best. Philippe

    PS : for info, Arnet universes in Millumin go from 1 to 256 (not 0 to 255) and DMX channels go from 1 to 512 (not 0 to 511)
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