slide show: pictures jump

I am having a small problem using the slide show. Pictures with slightly different sizes are nicely blending when not mapped to any surface, however, they jump up at the end when being rendered to the surface dimensions.

BTW is there any option NOT to stretch any content to a given surface but keep the original aspect ratio?


  • Hello @underscore,

    Sorry, not understanding the first question.

    For the second question : surfaces are for videomapping, so they're meant to make a perspective transform (this affects of course the aspect ratio). This isn't the feature you're looking for : you should rather use the "normalize" option (located in tab "Layer", click the "gear" icon on "scale" parameter).

    Best. Philippe
  • thank you. Got it.

    Regarding the first question. My slide show probably hasn't the exact dimensions for the surface. So the slides render smoothly but in the last moment they make a hard jump probably to fit the aspect ratio of the surface. Will try tthe "normalize" option this evening.
  • my "scale" parameter in the "layer" tab doesn't show a "gear" icon...
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  • Hello @underscore,

    This is because you're mapping your layer (using a surface to be precised). Stop mapping your layer, and this "gear" icon will appear.
    Indeed, "normalized" option and mapping are incompatible together.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,

    thank you. 

    It works without mapping to a surface. But this behavior is not very intuitive as in other software package, lets say Lightroom, I can adjust size (while preserving aspect ratio) either to full height or full width or some preferred zoom level.

    Regards @underscore
  • So on site, I have to adjust not only all surfaces but also all unmapped layers? Compromises seriously the concept of surfaces if I have to bring a long to do list of adjustments.
  • Hello @underscore,

    You cannot compare Lightroom and Millumin : the first one is for photos, and the second one is for videomapping/live-video. These jobs are totally different.

    Mapping is like a constraint : whatever the dimension of the media, the perspective will be always adpated so it fits the surface. This is crucial for videomapping.
    Scale normalization is of course not compatible with such a mapping constraint.

    To do what you want, you need 2 "spaces" : one for the content (scale-normalized because image have different size), and one for the projection (where the content is mapped onto the surfaces).
    In Millumin, it means that you'll have 2 canvases : the canvas "content" that sends frames to a second canvas "projection" (via the Syphon technology). I attached a project to illustrate this process.

    Best. Philippe
    normalized then mapped.millumin
  • thank you, the canvas to canvas works (while I still see this as a workaround for a native function).
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