Arduino / Auto-program issue [solved]

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I can get the "auto-program" to work:

- In millumin, I've setup My arduino Uno, serial is ok/green, active is ticked.
- a servomotor is plugged on D8 (if I upload a simple servomotor program to the arduino, the servomotor is spinning ok, so no problem on this side)
- I hit "auto-program" : key "D8", Type "Servo", if I hit "test" the RX LED is flashing but the servomotor doesn't move.

I click Upload "Installing PlatformIO" windows appears. Then Terminal, password... everything seems ok.
but if I click Upload again, the "Installing PlatformIO" windows appears again. It's a loop !?

If I hit test, my servomotor doesn't spin (but RX LED is flashing).
If I create data keyframe my servomotor doesn't spin (but RX LED is flashing).

I've updated Xcode to the last version (it was 7.2 when I've tried to Install PlatformIO the first time)
So, I don't know what else to do.
Help please ;)


  • Oupss
    I can't get the "auto-program" to work
  • Ok, got it working :D
    - Uninstalled Xcode with cleanmymac
    - relaunched the "upload" script.

    everything is ok ;)
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