Qlab to millumin

im trying to send osc message from qlab to millumin...
the input port in millumin should be 53000 , but i have a alert message that tell  : cannot receive osc message ?
i have millumin 2.18.1
Thank you


  • Hello @marioncc,

    Qlab is alreay listening on port 53000 by default, so it is blocking this port on your machine : that's why Millumin is telling you that this port isn't available.
    So you must use another port. The easiest way (and a good practice) is to configure a network-patch in Qlab (se image below) :

    Best. Philippe
  • OK, that's working! Now they re talking to each other Thank you!
    But, only the osc message works :
    /millumin/action/launchColumn 3
    It s not working with the interraction ??
    im using qlab 3.2
  • Hello @marioncc,

    Don't be confused between "interactions" and "OSC API" : the message "/millumin/action/launchColumn 3" isn't an interaction, but a message for OSC API. See this documentation.

    However, OSC API is rather for advanced usages.
    Just use a simple message like "/test 1" in Qlab, and map it to a function in Millumin (CMD+M). You might need to set the interaction's transformer to "none".
    See this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : we improved interactions with Qlab for next update of Millumin, so you would be able to only send "/test" to make it work
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