How can I use .cube files in Millumin

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Hi evereybody,

I would like to use.cube files in Millumin (you can do it in VDMX, for instance).
Is there a way ?




  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    I guess you're talking about applying LUTs in realtime. The .cube files are loopup-table format, but for realtime, we rather need the equivalent PNG : here is a tutorial to convert a .cube file to a PNG file suitable for Millumin.

    Then, you can use this PNG file with a shader applying the LUT effect : for example, you can use this one, and replace the PNG files accordingly.
    To install such a shader for Millumin, please read this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
  • Could anyone help me to make this (or a similar) LUT Shader ready for use in Millumin2?

    I don't know how to apply the PNG Files. In fact, I get a "shader warning" (see the pic attached).
    I have no idea, how to apply this image (
    ). It's in the library, on the same layer, on the layer above …
    I used the shader as a source and effect to a the layer.
    Unfortunately, I'm not into shader coding. It's like looking directly at the matrix.

    Any help is very much appreciated!

    (It's for a theatre company I'm working on. This could lead to a new millumin customer ;–), since I could easily do it in Isadora, but Millumin2 would be a much easier solution).
    Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-22 um 00.12.07.png
    1144 x 1024 - 202K
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    Hello @kevin

    You need to add your lut .png files alongside the "LUT.fs.fs" file. 

    Please find attached an zip containing a working example. You just need to put it inside the 'ISF-effects' folder as shown here (and restart Millumin). 

    If you want to change the luts by yours, just replace the png files and change their names in the shader code


    Antoine M*
  • Hello again @kevin

    Here is the zip 

    Antoine M*
  • Thanks Antoine, it works!!!
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