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Im working in a live show.. We're using a video that simulates that you're driving a car, but in time to time we need to stop the image, emulating like the car stops, but using the stop isn't smooth.

How can I emulate that the car stops in a smooth way? Is it possible to go Fromm 100 to 0 decreasing the speed smoothly?



  • Hello @jorgeorozco,

    Is your movie having an audio track ? Could you try without audio ?

    As now, there is a limitation between audio and speed in Apple's library : when changing the speed several times, the audio takes a few frames to start again.
    We are working on a workaround, and we hope to come with the final solution in a few months.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi.. thanks for your answer..

    In this case, we're working without audio track...

  • Hello @jorgeorozco,

    I am not sure to understand : what is your problem exactly ? When you decrease the speed, the framerate of your movie also decreases, and this is not nice ?
    If so : you could try to play with the "VVMotionBlur" effect, that will interpolate your movie's frames when the framerate is very slow.

    Best. Philippe
  • I want to run a video in Millumin.. this video looks like a car moving, and the actors will be acting on the stage.

    And I want to make a puase of this video, when the actors say that the car stops. And they even perform like they are getting out of the car, and then they go back and keep "driving" during the scene.

    It is like a retro projection of the car moving, but I want make a puase of this movement emulating like the car stops sometimes.
    The play -pause of the videos runs from 0 to 100 very fast, I want to make a decreasing time smoother.

  • Hello @jorgeorozco,

    I perfectly understoodd your goal.
    But a movie is a succession of frames. When you play slower a movie, the frames appear longer on screen and it looks not smooth. This is normal : we cannot "create" additional frames in your movie.

    A good practice is to generate a movie at the highest framerate possible, let's say 120 or 180 frames-per-second.
    Another solution is to use a motion-blur effect as suggested in my previous message.

    Best. Philippe
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