VRAM or RAM? What is more important for great performance in Millumin?

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Hi, I'm planning an upgrade of my build, and want to know if Millumin really get advantage of having 8GB in stead of 4GB in a Radeon RX 580.

Or just increasing RAM to 32GB would be better? 

How do Millumin manage VRAM and RAM, any idea?

In other terms, the build I'm planning (Hackintosh):
  • Gigabyte Z270N-WIFI (3 outputs)
  • i7 7700k 4,2Ghz
  • Sapphire Radeon RX 580 4GB (5 outputs)
  • 32GB Crucial Ballistix Sport 2400 (max. speed on this MB)
Any hardware suggestions? Is there any potential bottleneck? 

Thanks for any advice!



  • Hello @adriancuervo,

    As stated in this article, the most important component is the graphic card : so VRAM is also important (VRAM being the video memory for the graphic card, for those who would like to understand).

    More VRAM means more memory to store the textures displayed by Millumin (movies, images, shaders, ...), and better performances. In most recent graphic card, when the graphic card runs out of VRAM, it uses the RAM (that is of course less performant, when it is about graphic calculations).

    However, 4Go of VRAM is already a very good amount to run real-time video application like Millumin. You could upgrade to 8Go, but this is not necessary, or rather for the future.

    For info, a lot of Millumin projects (even complex ones and/or with multiple outputs) run on computer having 1Go or 2Go of VRAM.
    Millumin is indeed automatically preloading movies coming next (in the next column, later in a timeline, ...), so VRAM is used wisely.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,

    Thank you for a so clear explanation, I'll go for the 4GB then and let's see how do Millumin performs.


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