Live Feed programming

I am very new to using Millumin and I am working with a director who wants the following:

-while a sound cue is playing, an actor takes up a cell phone and live streams another actor.  I want what she is seeing on her phone to be seen by the audience on the screen.-

There are several moving projections for this show that I am running seamlessly through Millumin.  How on earth do I input a cell phone (via facetime?)?  I can call the cell through my computer via facetime or GoogleHangouts, but I don't know how to add that feed from my computer screen to Millumin.

Thank you for your ideas!


  • You could use Syphoner to grab the feed from FaceTime, this will then show as an input within Millumin. You can then add it to a layer etc
  • Hello @canoenyak,

    You could capture the window of the FaceTime application (or GoogleHangouts).
    To do so, use the "Screen Capture" addon :
    - go to Preferences/Addons and activate "Screen capture" addon
    - restart Millumin
    - add "Screen capture" ("Input" folder in the library) to some layer
    - choose your "FaceTime" application as the window to be captured by "Screen capture"

    Best. Philippe
  • or you could use a capture device. We've had a lot of success with Magewell's HDMI 2 USB3 capture device. It's plug and play and can pass audio.

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