Alpha output

Is there a way to output the alpha channel on a separate output, using one media file with an embedded alpha channel? (Hap Q Alpha specifically)

Probably something obvious I'm overlooking, but unable to find it so far.



  • hello @thekdoggy

    For now, this is not possible to send the alpha channel to a projector. 
    But if you output Millumin via syphon, the alpha will be exported. 

    Just by curiosity, why do you want to send the alpha channel on a separate output? 

  • for a split key on an external mixer.
  • It is possible!
    I've done this before to feed key/fill signals into a mixer.

    You need a layer with a white color card.
    On top of this layer you need another layer with your video which has the alpha channel.
    Then set this layer's blend mode to alpha matte.
    Be sure to use copy layers or you get out of sync.

    Et voila...

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