eGPU, macOSX, Akitio Node TB3, Graphics card ?

eGPU discussions and forums ( are showing success stories about enhancing Apple Mac graphic performance. Some promising results and direction with High Sierra OSX. After much research I'm still in the dark as to what graphic card will provide support for multiple projectors in a configuration to say the Matrox tripplehead2go. Most forums are reporting good performance for gaming, enhanced FPS etc. I read that Millumin have been reviewing the Apple eGPU developers kit, any update on that and configuration would be much appreciated.  With the advent of 4K upon us and Lumix GH5 camera that can record hi quality 4k media , Im looking for recommendations on a graphic card that 
A - supports Millumin projector setups
B - Has support in terms of drivers (nvidia pascal is in Beta for MAC)  AMD RX580 seems to have native Apple support
C - Post production Video editing... (some have issues with Final Cut X )
With both Nvidia or AMD i still have not found a configuration setup guide of what is do able on a MAC PRO and then there are Nvidia Quadro's to add to the confusion :-)


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    Hello @Mikey,

    We're still testing the Apple eGPU developer-kit.
    We'll share our thoughts when we'd gather enough experience. Thank you for your patience.

    For the record.
    The custom eGPU we tested last year was working greatly on macOS 10.11 (despite you'd have to reboot your machine to detect it).
    It was a GeForce GTX 970 inside a Thunder 2 PCIe Box. Our benchmark on El Capitan scored 8652, so very close to
    We didn't run a lot of tests however, but still got a 4x better FPS in comparison of MBP's Radeon R9 M370X (internal GPU). Indeed, we ran 100 layers of 4K static images at the same time :
    - intern GPU (Radeon R9 M370X, benchmark 1924) —> 12fps
    - extern GPU (GeForce GTX 970, benchmark 8652) —> 60fps

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you Philippe, look forward to hear your experiences.

    regards Mike
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